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BhuQaid's passport to happiness

BhuQaid Shevanna offers you a passport to happiness with his new album, 'Passengers and Passports'

• Pinehas Nakaziko

THE Ongwediva-based musician BhuQaid Shevanna continues to make his mark in the industry, and has now added the album 'Passengers and Passports' to his name.

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@ambernoelle: I hate to tell you this but I think 2021 is three 2020s in a trench coat.

TWEEPS get down with an array of issues, from Covid to winter to ghosts and bras. In no particular order. Nonetheless, Covid remains the order of the day…


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      Nust moves all classes online

      by Mercy Karuuombe

      THE Namibia University of Science and Technology has moved all of its classes online, except for face-to-face assessments, due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in Namibia.

      The university announced this in a media statement today.

      According to the statement, Nust will revisit the teaching approach which it adopted earlier this year.

      In the meantime, all face-to-face classes are suspended and will be offered online, until further notice.

      “It must be noted that the bulk of teaching activities for the first semester have already been concluded, therefore, a minimal interruption to the university's operations is anticipated,” Nust spokesperson Kaitira Kandjii said in the statement.

      Kandjii also said in cases where face-to-face teaching or practical laboratory sessions are still needed to successfully end the current semester, permission needs to be granted from the university's management.

      However, continuous face-to-face tests and assessments for the rest of the first semester would remain.

      “This is to ensure that students' identities can be verified and to avoid academic misconduct, this arrangement is further necessitated to ensure compliance with the regulatory bodies that accredit the university's qualifications,” the statement read.

      Students who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus causing Covid-19 are entitled to request to write special assessments. The students are required to get permission from their lecturers and heads of departments and a medical certificate should be provided.

      The university said it encouraged virtual meetings where possible and if that was impossible contact meetings of 50 or fewer people would be allowed with Covid-19 regulations in place.

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