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BhuQaid's passport to happiness

BhuQaid Shevanna offers you a passport to happiness with his new album, 'Passengers and Passports'

• Pinehas Nakaziko

THE Ongwediva-based musician BhuQaid Shevanna continues to make his mark in the industry, and has now added the album 'Passengers and Passports' to his name.

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@ambernoelle: I hate to tell you this but I think 2021 is three 2020s in a trench coat.

TWEEPS get down with an array of issues, from Covid to winter to ghosts and bras. In no particular order. Nonetheless, Covid remains the order of the day…


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      Murder accused admitted attack on pensioner

      by Werner Menges

      Simon Jerobeam

      ONE of the men accused of murdering a pensioner at Swakopmund during a house robbery nearly four years ago admitted after his arrest that he had taken part in an attack on an elderly woman in her home.

      In the statement which Simon Shidute Jerobeam (26) made to a police officer on 3 August 2017, he recounted that he and a fellow resident of Swakopmund, whom he only named as “Daniel”, had attacked an elderly couple in their home at the coastal town the previous day.

      Following the attack, his and Daniel's hands were bloody, so they walked to a beach at the town to wash off the blood in the sea, Jerobeam said.

      He told the officer, chief inspector Rafael Litota, that Daniel strangled the woman they attacked after she began to scream. Daniel had tied her arms before he strangled his victim for two to three minutes, Jerobeam said.

      Jerobeam also told the officer he had held the woman by her arms before Daniel tied her up.

      After they had overpowered the woman, he went further into the couple's house and surprised an “old man”, whom he also tied up and gagged, Jerobeam continued.

      He said he and Daniel had gone to their elderly targets' house early in the morning before the attack, and that they spent about two hours hiding in the yard before they pounced on “the old woman” when she opened a door of the house.

      Daniel had told him that he had seen “a lot of money at his boss' house”, and they went to the house to look for that money, Jerobeam said. However, they left the house when Daniel was not able to open a safe with the key he had, he recounted.

      Jerobeam and a co-accused, Fabian Lazarus (28), are facing two counts of murder and four other charges in connection with a robbery during which Swakopmund resident Roswitha Strzelecki (79) was killed in her home on 2 August 2017.

      Strzelecki's husband, Siegfried Strzelecki (81), was assaulted during the robbery. He died on 10 August 2017, after he had suffered a stroke. The state is alleging that his death was caused by the assault on him during the incident in which his wife was killed.

      The state is also alleging that Jerobeam, Lazarus and a third man, Daniel Nghilifa Stefanus (29), planned and carried out the robbery. Stefanus, too, was arrested after the incident, but he escaped out of police custody in February 2019 and has remained on the run since then.

      Jerobeam and Lazarus have denied guilt on all of the charges.

      The statement which Jerobeam made to Litota was heard in court after judge Christie Liebenberg ruled it admissible as evidence on Monday.

      With the statement allowed as evidence, Jerobeam's defence lawyer, Tuna Nhinda, withdrew from the matter, after informing the judge he had received conflicting instructions from his client.

      On Tuesday, the case was postponed to 23 June, with a date for the continuation of the trial to be decided then.

      The two accused men are being held in custody.

      State advocate Marthino Olivier is prosecuting. Lazarus is being presented by defence lawyer Milton Engelbrecht.

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