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BhuQaid's passport to happiness

BhuQaid Shevanna offers you a passport to happiness with his new album, 'Passengers and Passports'

• Pinehas Nakaziko

THE Ongwediva-based musician BhuQaid Shevanna continues to make his mark in the industry, and has now added the album 'Passengers and Passports' to his name.

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@ambernoelle: I hate to tell you this but I think 2021 is three 2020s in a trench coat.

TWEEPS get down with an array of issues, from Covid to winter to ghosts and bras. In no particular order. Nonetheless, Covid remains the order of the day…


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      Ageing CEO mum on retirement

      by Eliaser Ndeyanale

      Inge Ipinge

      HELAO Nafidi chief executive officer Inge Ipinge has refused to say when she will retire after reaching the age of 60 nearly six years ago.

      According to her identity document, Ipinge (65) was born at Onamutai village in Oshana region on 4 July 1955.

      On 29 April this year, Helao Nafidi council reportedly discussed the reappointment of Ipinge. However, Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) councillor Thomas Elago allegedly objected to the re-appointment of Ipinge because “she is very old and the town is not growing”.

      In response to the objection, Helao Nafidi mayor Darius Shaalukeni allegedly told Elago to write a letter to the council.

      Shaalukeni declined to comment on the matter on Wednesday, saying by law he is not allowed to discuss personnel matters in public. He also said Ipinge's employment contract ends in August this year. However, he refused to disclose when the position will be advertised.

      “Ask the minister when the position is going to be advertised,” he said.

      Former Helao Nafidi mayor Elias Nghipangelwa told The Namibian this week that 
Ipinge was appointed as chief executive officer in 2011 to replace Swapo member and businessman Chris Shivolo. Ipinge was 55 at the time of her appointment.

      Nghipangelwa said there was nothing wrong and it was not illegal for the council to reappoint Ipinge in 2015 even though she had reached retirement age.

      “It was the prerogative of the council to decide whether to keep her or not. When we employ people, we don't just employ them to give them a job but we look at their performance. The appointment was done in accordance with the law. We followed the procedures,” he said, adding that the Local Authorities Act and Labour Act do not indicate when a CEO should retire.

      He also said the 60 years retirement age prescription by the Labour Act does not apply to local authority employees. The Labour Act, however, has set the retirement age of all employees in Namibia at the age of 60.

      “Is it illegal [that she was appointed] or is it because it happened at Helao Nafidi, which is near the border?” asked Nghipangelwa, who also said he knew in 2015 that she was above retirement age. He said there was no need to advertise the CEO's post in 2015 since it was not vacant.

      The Namibian contacted Ipinge on 13 and 17 May and also this week Tuesday and she did not respond to questions sent to her. Her personal secretary Martha Namhindo acknowledged receipt of the questions on 17 May.

      “I hereby acknowledge receipt of your email. I will forward it to the CEO now,” she wrote.

      On Tuesday, she asked that the questions be sent to her email, however, she did not respond to them. She also did not answer calls to her mobile phones yesterday. On Tuesday afternoon, she promised “I will look at them [questions] when I am back in the office. I am currently not in”.

      Although Ipinge turns 66 next month, Affirmative Repositioning leader Job Amupanda claimed in a social media post in May this year that the Helao Nafidi council had requested urban and rural development minister Erastus Uutoni's approval to appoint Ipinge as chief executive officer.

      Uutoni on Tuesday refused to comment on the issue, saying he will comment when he receives the request.

      Elago refused to comment on the matter, saying he is not allowed to talk to the media.


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