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Mboma completes golden season

Christine Mboma addressing the media after winning the 200m at the Kip Keino Classic. Photo contributed

CHRISTINE Mboma completed an incredible season with another victory on Saturday when she won the women's 200m at the Kip Keino Classic in Nairobi in 22,39 seconds.

NCS go top for the first time

Louis 'Dreamy' Kausehua, the goal attack of Namibia Correctional Services, in action. Photo: Helge SchÜtz

NAMIBIA Correctional Services went to the top of the MTC Namibia Netball Premier League for the first time this season, after collecting two valuable victories over the weekend in Grootfontein.


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Willy G ushers in summer feeling

THIS is the season of good music, with many hot new tracks being released by Namibian artists. While it is difficult to write about them all, we do our best to highlight those who stand out and offer something a little different.

Omeho Project exhibits Nam startup entrepreneurs

Startup entrepreneur Cislé Jacobs of Intrik Consulting works to safeguard intellectual property. Photo: Willem Vrey

Namibia's startup entrepreneurs may be somewhat of an unsung cohort but if you've hailed a rideshare, paid for your coffee using an app, ordered takeaways online or had medicine delivered to your door on a solar powered ebike, you have local startups to thank for the pleasure.


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      Entitlement Without Boundaries

      HOWEVER strongly we disagree with the stance of the Swapo party leadership on running Namibia with a sense of entitlement, it's difficult to downplay the bluntness with which they state their case.

      Take Swapo's chief spokesperson, Hilma Nicanor, addressing a press conference this week about numerous media reports and public criticism that ties to the ruling party often yielded business contracts with state entities for party members or affiliates.

      As ironic as it might sound, the shameless defence Nicanor put up is refreshing, coming from politicians often known for lying in order to line their pockets. “This is what we fought for…,” Nicanor said in arguing that Swapo leaders, their families, friends and party affiliates are entitled to benefit from contracts with the very government they are in charge of.

      Nicanor is adamant that because there are no laws prohibiting conflicts of interest, leaders and close associates of the ruling party should have carte blanche to advance their economic wealth.

      “As Namibians who fought for the liberation of this country, we will continue to pursue our democratic right to engage in non-corrupt and legitimate economic activities,” she stressed, adding that critics are jealous of those amassing riches or are counter-revolutionaries.

      It appears that in Swapo and Nicanor's world, liberating Namibia was aimed at putting them in charge of state resources for personal enrichment. It appears that the basic rule of being a referee and player as a bedrock of corruption and mismanagement does not occur to Nicanor and Swapo.

      In addition to entitlement, Nicanor further argues that it is purely coincidental that in most instances Swapo and government leaders themselves, as well as those closely connected to them, get selected for lucrative government tenders and related public works.

      If Nicanor's blunt statements are not clear enough for the masses of Namibia to understand the strategy of how their country is governed, they have no one to blame but themselves.

      A Dangerous Precedent

      THE NATIONAL Assembly is setting a dangerously biased precedent by recommending punishment for elected lawmakers while ignoring the violent involvement of the president's bodyguard in the fracas.

      A committee chaired by National Assembly speaker Peter Katjavivi, who is apparently the chief complainant too, found leaders of the Landless People's Movement (LPM) Bernadus Swartbooi and Henny Seibeb guilty of misconduct and recommended written reprimands in addition to the unlawful three-month suspension that Katjavivi had imposed.

      If anything, Katjavivi should also face sanctions after he was exposed by the courts for taking an unlawful decision.

      It is concerning that the investigation and recommendations were silent on the fact that president Hage Geingob's bodyguard, Johan Ndjarunguru, was seen pursuing Seibeb who was headed for the exit and violently bundled the elected official out of parliament chambers.

      If such an action by an outsider goes without punishment and to stop it from happening again, it sends a chilling effect to elected officials in their interactions in parliament.

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