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@LeboLion_SA: KitKat got it right

IT SEEMS the moody overcast weather has whet some Namibians appetite for a fight. A hectic version of 'Food Wars' has broken out on Twitter TLs pitting oshifima lovers against macaroni stans; carb vs carb. At the time of going to press, no briefs from the frontline were available. So, for now, this, that and the other from the sidelines…


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      Oravirindi' with C.U. K 347

      by Clemans Miyanicwe

      C.U.K 347

      C.U.K 347 is a rising Afro-pop star and his newest offering, 'Oravirindi' proves this.

      The 16-track album is named after the Otjiherero nickname for Friday.

      “'Oravirindi' is all about good vibes,” C.U.K 347 says.

      The Omuhama-born artist showcases his growth and diversity on the album, featuring genres such as Damara punch, hip-hop and Afro-pop, as well as artists Lanny Boy, Kingslee, Lailow, YC 98 and Cardo FB.

      The musician's previous albums include 'Independent', released in 2015 and 'Upunda Zene' in 2018.

      Despite the festive season now being firmly behind us, a track like 'Okiri' ('Christmas' in Otjiherero) is one that can be enjoyed for years to come, as it instantly transports one down memory lane to a time of family and unity.

      On 'Finally', C.U.K 347 sings about being independent and doing things confidently, while the track 'Coronavirus' expresses the sentiments of many surrounding the tragic effects of the pandemic.

      The song pays tribute to Ovaherero paramount chief Vekuii Rukoro, and as well as Mburumba Kerina and others who were slain by Covid-19.

      The album also features a wedding song, and songs dedicated to those who played a part in the artist's life, making 'Oravirindi' not only a catchy album, but one that uplifts.

      C.U.K 347 believes 2022 looks promising, and says he sees himself taking music to the next level in the industry that's hard to crack.

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