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@LeboLion_SA: KitKat got it right

IT SEEMS the moody overcast weather has whet some Namibians appetite for a fight. A hectic version of 'Food Wars' has broken out on Twitter TLs pitting oshifima lovers against macaroni stans; carb vs carb. At the time of going to press, no briefs from the frontline were available. So, for now, this, that and the other from the sidelines…


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      Burst hospital pipe remains an eyesore

      by Mehafo Amunyela

      A PIPE at the Windhoek Central Hospital's mental health department burst three weeks ago and has not been repaired yet, an employee says.

      The Namibian on Friday visited the site, from which water was streaming continuously.

      Executive director of health and social services Ben Nangombe said the issue has not been brought to his attention.

      “I will follow this up immediately,” he said.

      Nangombe later said officials are assessing the burst pipe.

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