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China slowdown's impact on Namibia

Photo: WEF

China, the world's second largest economy, has been undergoing an economic slowdown that is likely to persist until the end of the year, and Namibia is affected too.


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      Police chief orders Amushelelo's arrest

      by Eliaser Ndeyanale

      Photo: Contributed

      NAMIBIAN Police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga has instructed the police to arrest the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters' commissar for economic development, Michael Amushelelo.

      Ndeitunga said this on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation's television news broadcast on Thursday night.

      Ndeitunga said Amushelelo was “terrorising” the business community and promoting “hooliganism”.

      He added that Amushelelo should hand himself over to the police, wherever he is.“I have already ordered the police to make sure Amushelelo is brought to order,” he said.

      Amushelelo brought business operations at the China Town shopping complex in Windhoek to a standstill on Thursday.

      He posted on a social media account that, following the government's decision to burn products belonging to Namibians because they are fake, the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters has closed down China Town.

      In his post, Amushelelo said China Town would remain closed, and should the Chinese business owners reopen their shops, Namibians should loot their businesses.

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