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China slowdown's impact on Namibia

Photo: WEF

China, the world's second largest economy, has been undergoing an economic slowdown that is likely to persist until the end of the year, and Namibia is affected too.


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      Family pleads for help to bury Hendriena

      by Ellen Albertz

      GREAT LOSS ... Hendriena Mupolo and her father, Elia Mupulo. Photo: Contributed

      THE untimely death of Hen­driena Mupolo on 1 May has left her family unprepared to bury the nine-year-old.

      Hendriena was killed when Johan Meyer (50) allegedly drove over her at Plot K11 at the Hardap irrigation scheme on the outskirts of Mariental.

      Wilhelmina Malapi, an aunt of Hen­driena, says the family is appealing for financial assistance from members of the public to bury their loved one.

      “As the death of Hendriena was unexpected, we have not made any financial arrangements to accord her a proper burial,” she says.

      Malapi says donations would be spent on burial expenses, which would be kept modest, and any surplus would be used to acquire a tombstone.

      “We will ensure proper accounting of all the funds,” the aunt says.

      All contributions can be made directly to Hen­driena's parents, Elia Mupolo or Anne-marie !Aochamus, Malapi says.

      The family members can be contacted through Windhoek-based lawyer Norman Tjombe, who will provide banking details for donations.

      Tjombe is expected to, on instruction of the family, institute a civil case against Meyer, whose alleged negligent driving is claimed to have caused Hen­driena's death.

      “There must be compensation for this family for the pain and suffering they are experiencing,” Tjombe has said earlier.

      He said the family would also take legal action against the police investigators and prosecutors involved in the matter, to ensure the case is properly investigated.

      Hendriena's funeral is expected to take place tomorrow.


      Emotions this week ran high at DD #Guibeb Primary School, where the school board, teachers and pupils described Hendriena as “a shining light”.

      They handed over a candle representing Hendriena's life and an undisclosed amount of money to !Aochamus.

      The Grade 3 pupils recited the poem 'Miss me, but let me go' by Edward A Guest.

      School board chairperson Piet Fransman said Hen­driena experienced many difficulties and the school was trying to prepare her for the future, so she would be able to support her parents and pull her family out of adverse circumstances.

      “Hendriena will forever shine in our hearts. She will be with us in our minds and will be among us. We will never forget her,” he said.

      Police chief inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga on Wednesday said the police are in the process of deciding on whether to rearrest Meyer.

      Residents of Mariental staged a protest march last Friday, demanding Meyer's rearrest and the revoking of the N$3 000 bail granted to him.

      Meyer is said to have handed himself over to the police two days after the incident, upon which he was charged and taken to court.

      Ndeitunga said a decision to rearrest Meyer would depend on whether his initial arrest was faulty, whether the procedure that initiated the process was incorrect, and whether it is in the interest of the public or Meyer himself.

      “The rearrest we will make a decision if there are reasonable grounds, because we are consulting with the prosecutor general's office,” he said.

      The Office of the Prosecutor General has dispatched a team of senior advocates to investigate the conduct of prosecutors at the Mariental Magistrate's Court.

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