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China slowdown's impact on Namibia

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China, the world's second largest economy, has been undergoing an economic slowdown that is likely to persist until the end of the year, and Namibia is affected too.


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      LPM defies court order

      by Mercy Karuuombe

      DEFIANCE ... The LPM has refused to reinstate suspended councillors Daniel Gariseb (left) and Rogetha Haack (right), who were represented by Richard Metcalfe (centre), after the court ruled in their favour.

      THE Landless People's Movement (LPM) said it will not reinstate two former Mariental councillors suspended for disloyalty despite the High Court ordering the party to do so.

      This comes after councillors Daniel Gariseb and Rogetha Haack challenged and won a court case against their suspension by LPM from the Mariental Town Council.

      Gariseb and Haack were suspended after LPM accused them of being disloyal to the party.

      Eight days after the suspension, LPM had two new councillors sworn in to replace Gariseb and Haack, whom the court also set aside.

      The sworn-in councillors are Paul Boois and Frensis Gawases.

      Judge Hannelie Prinsloo, in her judgement, said LPM should reinstate Gariseb and Haack and do all things required by the laws of the country to effect such reinstatement within 10 days of the court order.

      “Granting leave to the applicants (Gariseb and Haack) to file their answering in the applications under the main proceedings within 10 days of the date of order, whereupon the rules of the High Court of Namibia shall apply to the further proceedings here in,” the court order read.

      Regardless of the ruling made on 29 April, on Tuesday, the newly sworn-in councillors (Boois and Gawases) participated in the council election for mayorship.

      Despite receiving a fine of N$75 000, LPM spokesperson Eneas Emvula yesterday said they are sticking to their decision.

      “They are not coming back. Even if we have to appeal the judgement we will, but they are not coming back because if they come back they are coming back on the ticket of which party? The one they disgraced, or which one?” Emvula asked.

      Emvula added that the party cannot take back people who are not loyal to the party.

      The two were sworn in as councillors until the party no longer needs their services.

      Gariseb told The Namibian that what the party is doing is illegal because the two new councillors are not supposed to be there.

      He said they (Gariseb and Haack) are expected to be back in office by next week and be resworn in.

      “Tuesday, they sent us a letter that we must not take part in the activities of the party,” Gariseb said.

      “These people took part in the elections yesterday, while it was clearly said that the two are illegal in the council,” he said.

      The court order says we are supposed to be resworn in within 10 days, and it is lapsing on Monday or Tuesday.

      Haack said, “I am still waiting for justice to be served because there is a court order that must be implemented.”

      She added that she is still a very loyal party member, although they have been asked to explain why they still want to be members of the party.

      She said allegations that they were telling people to vote for other parties were untrue.

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