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Women's retreat empowers


THE Twapewa Kadhikwa Annual Women's Retreat weekend, which aimed to activate the faith of women, as well as renew their mindsets for a more productive and prosperous future, will be remembered by those who attended as a life changer.

'Ompata' Headed to Big Screen

THE gritty reality of township life is often overlooked or ignored, but young film-maker Roger Rafael has found a way to creatively tell these stories through a YouTube series titled 'Ompata'.


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Average house prices edge up


AT the end of March this year, the average price of a house in Namibia was N$1,2 million – about N$100 000 more than during the same time last year.

Namibians show interest in US trade

Elijah Mukubonda

SEVERAL Namibian entrepreneurs have shown interest in pursuing business opportunities in the United States after making contacts at the Namibia-US trade summit held in Namibia early this month.


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      Kanyama threatens to sue over social media post ...'apologise or face N$400 000 lawsuit'

      by Eliaser Ndeyanale

      Shapwa Kanyama and his wife Betty.

      BUSINESSMAN Shapwa Kanyama and his wife Betty are suing social media user Matilde Kadhikwa for N$400 000.

      This comes after Kadhikwa allegedly made defamatory statements regarding the media personality and businessman's lavish wedding, saying it was allegedly funded with public money.

      The couple exchanged vows a week ago at Oniipa in the Oshikoto region.

      Their lawyer, Sisa Namandje, wrote to Kadhikwa on Friday requesting her to issue an unconditional apology to the couple within 24 hours.

      Failing to do so she would receive a summons to appear in the High Court.

      Namandje yesterday told The Namibian Kadhikwa has asked for more time to respond to the letter.

      “I am yet to take instructions from my clients on whether or not more time should be given. That's all I can say.

      “But absent an apology a summons will definitely be issued,” he said. Approached for comment, Kadhikwa yesterday said: “Talk to my lawyer about that so-called audio you are talking about, as I can't remember mentioning a wedding at Oniipa in an audio.”

      Sisa Namandje & Co in the letter said on 1 and 2 June this year, Kadhikwa, with malicious intent, circulated and distributed into the public domain the audio in which she mischievously and gratuitously made various defamatory statements concerning their clients.

      “You, without any factual or legal basis, stated, suggested and insinuated that our clients' marriage reception expenses were paid with public money and/or stolen funds,” the letter stated.

      It said Kadhikwa's claims are false and defamatory to the couple's “good names and reputation”.

      “The statements also gravely violated our clients' dignity.”

      Last year, Betty sued Independent Patriots for Change spokesperson Immanuel 'Imms' Nashinge for allegedly referring to her as a “kid that is known for sleeping around with older men”, adding: “We cannot be using state institutions to promote prostitutes.”

      The remarks were made in connection with an online talk in which Betty participated with Nangula Uaandja, the chief executive officer of the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board, on 3 March 2021.

      Betty alleged in her defamation claim that Nashinge's intention was to portray her to the public as a person “of low moral scruple”, as incompetent and unqualified to participate in a public discussion about investment in Namibia, and as promiscuous, and someone whose “appearance may scare away investors from investing in Namibia because of her sexual adventures”.

      She further stated in her claim that she has degrees in law, accounting and business administration, and that Nashinge's remarks damaged her reputation “as an academically accomplished and capable person”.

      Betty was represented by Namandje.

      Nashinge last year signed an agreement to settle the lawsuit, in which he agreed to apologise to Davids and pay her N$60 000.

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