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Women's retreat empowers


THE Twapewa Kadhikwa Annual Women's Retreat weekend, which aimed to activate the faith of women, as well as renew their mindsets for a more productive and prosperous future, will be remembered by those who attended as a life changer.

'Ompata' Headed to Big Screen

THE gritty reality of township life is often overlooked or ignored, but young film-maker Roger Rafael has found a way to creatively tell these stories through a YouTube series titled 'Ompata'.


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Average house prices edge up


AT the end of March this year, the average price of a house in Namibia was N$1,2 million – about N$100 000 more than during the same time last year.

Namibians show interest in US trade

Elijah Mukubonda

SEVERAL Namibian entrepreneurs have shown interest in pursuing business opportunities in the United States after making contacts at the Namibia-US trade summit held in Namibia early this month.


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      'Daddy, if I tell you what uncle does to me, he will kill me'

      by Puyeipawa Nakashole


      A 34-YEAR-OLD father says he will never forget the day his 10-year-old son opened up to him and said:
      “Daddy, if I tell you what uncle does to me, he will kill me.”

      That day in February turned his world upside down.
      Living every parent's worse nightmare has left him devastated.
      His son's words scratch each day under the nail-line of his mind.
      “I reported the matter to the police and ministry of gender.”
      With tears welling in his eyes, he says his and his son's pain has been amplified by the fact that the suspect, who is his girlfriend's cousin, is still walking around free.
      “I'm hurt and I'll not rest until justice is served. The most heartbreaking part was when I first heard my boy say he gets undressed by his uncle almost every day,” he says.
      “I don't live with my girlfriend. I live in Kleine Kuppe and she lives in Okahandja Park with my son.”
      Heartbroken, he described how he first noticed his son's odd behaviour.
      “My son comes over to my house every weekend, but this one time I noticed he was very uncomfortable and extremely frightened when it was time for him to go home.
      “It immediately clicked that something was wrong and I sat my son down, urging him to tell me why he did not want to go back home.
      “My son told me how his uncle sexually abuses him all the time when nobody is around,” he related with a shaky voice.
      He says he is deeply hurt by what his son has gone through at such a young age.
      “Last year, my boy witnessed his aunt being killed by her boyfriend. He spent the entire night with the body in the same room, and today he has been raped by someone he looked up to,” he adds.
      Sorrowfully he adds, “My boy, my son has seen the worst at his age,”
      “What bothers me is that this thing has been going on for a while now and nobody ever suspected him,” he says.
      The father says he took the boy to the hospital as soon as he learnt of his son's ordeal where the sexual abuse was confirmed.
      Khomas police regional commander Ismael Basson confirmed that he is now aware of the case and will make sure that the suspect is arrested as soon as possible.
      “I will make sure that a new warrant of arrest is issued and I will make sure to contact the right people and have him arrested.”
      *The father has not been named to protect his son's identity.

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