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Muir, Thomas are the top wrestlers

Romeo Goliath (right) in action against Kevin Vleermuis. Photo: Helge Schütz

JORICK Muir of Windhoek Wrestling Club and Andreas Thomas of the After School Centre walked away with the main prizes at the National Wrestling Championships in Windhoek on Saturday.


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Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets

Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets


WINDHOEK artist and poet Seth Eiaseb known as Wizz Young Blood has released a single titled Regret, featuring South African singer and song writer Shakuna.

From The Twittersphere

From The Twittersphere

A NEW day, a new week and, in less than 24 hours, a new month. More than that, the final month of the year 2020. And, for those who celebrate Christmas, yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent... Now for the business of the day...


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      President's Hypocrisy is Dangerous

      by Editorial Team

      PRESIDENT Hage Geingob has made it a habit to blackmail Namibians with a choice between peace and civil war whenever he or Swapo is criticised.

      He often reminds citizens about the importance of nation-building because Namibia is a young and fragile state, as if he truly cares.

      However, the president behaves like a man who'll take no responsibility for any destructive action he might cause.

      Last weekend's racist remarks about white Namibians at the launch of Swapo's campaign for the regional and local authority council elections are the latest indicators that the president cares only about being in power and that he's prepared to sacrifice democracy and nation building.

      Geingob complained that he noticed whites registering “in big numbers”, which to him means whites have “declared war” and would vote “anything else but Swapo”.

      “I have noted that and I will not forget that,” the president cautioned. “People are declaring war against Swapo. Swapo who made them enjoy peace and unity, enjoy their comforts. The comforts they have enjoyed all this time and you declare war against Swapo. I heard you.”

      With such attacks singling out whites like aliens, Geingob has again shown what hypocrites he and Swapo are and that they are not averse to sowing the dangerous seeds of racial and ethnic division.

      Anyone who has followed Geingob should not be surprised that he is taking a page out of the Robert Mugabe play book by singling out a section of the population for political ends. In 2017, Geingob referred to Zimbabwe's ruinous land dispossession from whites as inspiring.

      Like his idol Mugabe, he has now decided to use whites as a political football. Is it because he and the ruling party feel threatened after last year's election results? Geingob lost about 30% of the votes he received in the presidential contest five years earlier, while Swapo fell short of a two-thirds majority for the first time in more than two decades.

      Geingob's attack on Namibia's whites should be viewed in the same way he profited from a campaign to become president by arguing that it was time for a non-Owambo head of state as if the pinnacle of a political career is an ethnic or racial project of one group versus the others.

      Geingob and his supporters played the tribal card when his political position was challenged.

      The Trump-like approach by Geingob is disappointing, to say the least.

      Many people of different skin tones, ideological persuasions and classes voted for him in 2014 because they believed he was a sensible leader.

      Perhaps he lost 30% of the vote because many Namibians realised he was not the president they expected or that he failed to deliver on his promises.

      Singling out whites for purportedly registering in huge numbers is sinking to the lowest form of political opportunism.

      How does Geingob even know that more white Namibians have registered than before?

      It is disconcerting that Geingob and Swapo are unashamedly showing they will stop at nothing to retain power, even if it means pitting racial and ethnic groups against one another. Little wonder that Geingob has not called his defence minister, Peter Vilho, to order for similar attacks last month.

      Geingob should be proud that Namibians from all walks of life are participating in our young democracy. Threatening people's constitutional right to vote is dishonest, dangerous and disgraceful.

      Mr President, please do not destroy our 'One Namibia, One Nation' dream.

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