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NFA continues investor hunt

Absalom Iimbondi in action for Tigers. File photo

THE Namibia Football Association (NFA)'s interim secretary general Jochen Traut said Fifa and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) do not sponsor national football leagues.

Namibian cricketers in Lahore

Pikky Ya France, Nicol Loftie-Eaton, Mauritius Ngupita and Shaun Fouche. Photo: Twitter

FOUR Namibian cricketers arrived in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday to train under the skilled coaches at the Lahore Qalandars High Performance Centre (HPC).


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DJ Dreas heading to Rocking the Daisies

TOP Namibian DJ, Andreas Nambambi, aka DJ Dreas, will be performing at this year's Rocking the Daisies music and lifestyle festival, set to take place from 7 to 9 October in South Africa.

Getting the Pulse Racing


AWARD-WINNING artist, writer, film producer and director Micheal Kahorongo, also known as Micheal Pulse, has been faced with many obstacles over the years, but has kept moving towards achieving his dreams.

Miss Namibia, Miss Teen Namibia to be crowned


IT is pageant season again, as tonight Miss Teen Namibia will crown a new young beauty queen, replacing the reigning Alexis Swart and beginning her year of duty, in NBC's first live show since the pandemic brought events to a standstill in 2020.


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The Peter Principle


BEING SUBJECTED to the ineptness of staff at a Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) listed commercial bank this week was a sobering experience.


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      Namibians Can't Live on Rhetoric

      A REPORT this week by the United Nations, warning that 1,4 million Namibians face moderate or severe food insecurity is a stark reminder that there is a national crisis.

      The cost of living has deteriorated over the past years, most recently driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving Namibians struggling with rising food and energy prices.

      Things are getting worse.

      A Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report said 58% of Namibia's population were already set to face severe food shortages from 2019 to 2021.

      The number of food insecure Namibians was 18,2% in 2004, and 28% in 2012. This is a huge spike.

      Most worrying is that there appears to be a lack of political intent to address the situation.

      Leaders continue to waste time on rhetoric.

      Two weeks ago, president Hage Geingob said the war in Ukraine is a reminder to invest in local food security.

      “Even as I speak today, there is conflict in Ukraine affecting the global supply of food and services.

      “This means we must become self-reliant. Necessity is the mother of invention. Why must we starve while we have this big land?” he asked.

      He has a point, but he failed to note the obvious: Namibia's failed land resettlement programme has contributed to the ongoing food insecurity.

      Among others, the ruling political elite has hijacked the most productive government land around Namibia's maize triangle, allocating it to themselves.

      They are now weekend farmers.

      The government is already struggling with what to do with the green schemes which have gobbled up N$1,2 billion over the past eight years, with little to show.

      Well-run green schemes could be one of the solutions to high unemployment and food insecurity.

      But this may only work if patronage and jobs for comrades are eliminated from the process of who runs the schemes.

      Instead of food banks, the government could negotiate with private investors to encourage food for work at green schemes.

      The cost-of-living crisis is deepening by the day.

      This week's scramble for 1 500 defence force jobs is just one sign of how tough it is out there.

      The situation demands a sense of national urgency and immediate action.

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