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Muir, Thomas are the top wrestlers

Romeo Goliath (right) in action against Kevin Vleermuis. Photo: Helge Schütz

JORICK Muir of Windhoek Wrestling Club and Andreas Thomas of the After School Centre walked away with the main prizes at the National Wrestling Championships in Windhoek on Saturday.


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Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets

Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets


WINDHOEK artist and poet Seth Eiaseb known as Wizz Young Blood has released a single titled Regret, featuring South African singer and song writer Shakuna.

From The Twittersphere

From The Twittersphere

A NEW day, a new week and, in less than 24 hours, a new month. More than that, the final month of the year 2020. And, for those who celebrate Christmas, yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent... Now for the business of the day...


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      Inspiration Tables Christmas Market kicks off

      by Rinelda Mouton

      Christmas Market Photo: Rinelda Mouton

      THE Christmas Market held by Inspiration Tables seeks to lift festive spirits and boost local business in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

      The market, that was officially launched last Saturday, will be held at the Old Power Station in the Southern Industrial Area of Windhoek every Saturday until 15 December.

      Frans van Wyk, creator of the market, said it is a premium handcraft and service exhibition where the aim is to “provide a platform to exhibit and sell your perfect imperfections”.

      “We know that times are incredibly challenging for many local businesses at the moment, especially with new lockdown measures in place, and that now should be one of the busiest times of year for many small traders as we get ever closer to Christmas.

      “With the market we wanted to support local businesses by giving them a platform where they could still reach their customers despite not being able to attend the usual festive events,” Van Wyk said.

      Van Wyk said the market provides a fantastic shop experience and the public can buy locally produced products.

      He urged shoppers looking for some great locally produced Christmas presents for their family and friends to come to the market, which is more important than ever right now for the local economy, and to keep their spend within the region, supporting local jobs and livelihoods.

      “Many people have complained about struggling to buy gifts. When they come to the market staff at stalls are eager to help so they get the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones. Gift wrapping is also done at the market.

      “Over the years many people moaned that they don't like wrapping gifts. We are here to help make things easier during the festive season for them, so they all have a great time. The market is a great way to support the local economy,” he said.

      Van Wyk said at the market people are also able to learn about each other's cultures. “Many people don't know how other cultures celebrate Christmas. This is a great platform to learn more about each other's cultures. I urge people to come unwind, have fun and learn from each other,” he said.

      The market is in its first year, but Van Wyk says they are planning to make it an annual event. mouton on social media

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