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Muir, Thomas are the top wrestlers

Romeo Goliath (right) in action against Kevin Vleermuis. Photo: Helge Schütz

JORICK Muir of Windhoek Wrestling Club and Andreas Thomas of the After School Centre walked away with the main prizes at the National Wrestling Championships in Windhoek on Saturday.


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Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets

Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets


WINDHOEK artist and poet Seth Eiaseb known as Wizz Young Blood has released a single titled Regret, featuring South African singer and song writer Shakuna.

From The Twittersphere

From The Twittersphere

A NEW day, a new week and, in less than 24 hours, a new month. More than that, the final month of the year 2020. And, for those who celebrate Christmas, yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent... Now for the business of the day...


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      From The Twittersphere

      From The Twittersphere

      WOULD have, could have, should have... Ponds, parks and dating pools. Being personal about being private. Tweets on the hour about the sweet and the sour...

      @KatuturaDreamin: We can't give up on Namibia. To give up on Namibia is to give up on ourselves. Namibia is not a country. Namibia is not a place. Namibia is a person. I am Namibia. You are Namibia. Namibia is us and is within us. The fight for Namibia is a fight for ourselves. We should stop seeing countries as structures. Country is people and people is country. We carry country with us. Country is unavoidable.

      @Aluteni_: Namibia would've won yesterday if we had a Premier League...

      @JerryElago: ...don't load holiday pics on Instagram and other socials. Because why, while you are out chopping life... the mbudhis will be chopping your house... #BeSmart #BeSafe #ReduceCrime

      @Mpumz_N: Private people would rather tell us how private they are than shut up and be private...

      @nechulaa: Why do men have this weird irrational fear that women are going to use them for money they don't

      even have??


      @____NaMpA_____: 'In Windhoek your jokes are just funny if you have money'

      @KakeKashe: People at Ondangwa drive like their fathers commissioned and financed the roads. These

      people don't deserve cars, man.

      @EfaAishe: Ano, cars always need tyres? Every time it's just buy your man tyres for his birthday. These

      n*ggas even need shoes, man

      @carlitoynot: Eish, 8 a.m. meetings are tough, my English only reverts around 11a.m. Now I'm here using

      words like “Ek sê, nê...”

      Life On The Run

      @MarthaMukaiwa: Waiting for that sweet spot between Windhoek's blistering afternoon heat, when the sun goes down and the tsotsis start LIVING to go for a run. Blink and you'll miss it. That and your cell phone.

      @rupasaroupyu: Running after a phone grabber is an elite sport, I tell you, but I caught up to the scum... He will never forget me

      You Know

      @MattMizrika: People die in situations like these but you'd rather have an opinion.

      @PekeNdatoola: She said the man almost drowned her and you guys are screaming “respect your elders”? Got it.


      @iamMandyV: People with NO kids... who turn y'all lights off and hand y'all the remote? <<< RT @Taogash:

      The peace of mind from not financing or stressing over kids gives me the ability to move the remote and lights with my mind @DamiOyedele: What feels like Christianity but isn't Christianity? <<< RT @Baldilocks__: Using the misfortune

      of others to praise God.

      @Ndimuhole: Would you take a bullet for your partner? <<< TY @christ_lao_: And put it where?

      Words To Weigh

      @IamMzilikazi: “Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far as possible from ignorance and seek as far as possible to be intelligent.” ~ Marcus Garvey #WakeUpEverybody

      Passing Shots

      @2ShadesofJoy: The dating pool in Namibia is actually just the pond by Zoo Park

      @vernon_nam: Was supposed to start studying at 19h30, but it's already 19h34. I guess I'll just start at 8...

      @Ya_a_seen_Him: Doctors are just vets who only know how to fix one animal.

      – Compiled by Jean Sutherland from; you can follow me at


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