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Muir, Thomas are the top wrestlers

Romeo Goliath (right) in action against Kevin Vleermuis. Photo: Helge Schütz

JORICK Muir of Windhoek Wrestling Club and Andreas Thomas of the After School Centre walked away with the main prizes at the National Wrestling Championships in Windhoek on Saturday.


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Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets

Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets


WINDHOEK artist and poet Seth Eiaseb known as Wizz Young Blood has released a single titled Regret, featuring South African singer and song writer Shakuna.

From The Twittersphere

From The Twittersphere

A NEW day, a new week and, in less than 24 hours, a new month. More than that, the final month of the year 2020. And, for those who celebrate Christmas, yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent... Now for the business of the day...


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      Residents use pots and pans as alarms

      by Taati Niilenge

      SOUNDING THE ALARM ... Some Walvis Bay residents are placing kitchen utensils on their door handles to serve as burglar alarms. Viola Mathys, who lives with her mother at Kuisebmond, says they have adopted this method to deter potential rapists. Photo: Taati Niilenge

      SOME desperate Walvis Bay residents fed up with burglars have become innovative when it comes to safeguarding their homes.

      They are placing kitchen utensils made of steel on their door handles to make a noise if intruders attempt to enter.

      Residents who spoke to The Namibian this week say they have been forced to come up with a plan after a number of them woke up to criminals turning their door handles during the night.

      Kuisebmond resident Elizabeth Shiwa, a woman who lives alone, believes this new anti-burglary method will alert her when intruders attempt to break into her home.

      She recalls an incident last week that forced her to get creative.

      “I heard someone trying to move my door handle very slowly, but I woke up and switched on the light. He ran away. I bought an extra lock today,” says Shiwa, adding that she now places pots and steel cups on her door to wake her up should this happen again.

      Another resident, Meitavelo Paulus, shares a similar experience.

      “I was on my way to the toilet around two in the morning when I noticed my door handle was moving slowly,” he says. He says he has since also adopted this new method of keeping his home safe.

      Mano Johannes was studying when he heard his aunt screaming at the back of their house early on Tuesday morning.

      “I saw a man running out of our yard. He tried to open her ghetto door, but she was already awake and preparing for work,” he says.

      “When they [burglars] feel if the door is unlocked, the utensils fall and wake us up, and they [burglars] run away. I continued with this after an incident last year,” says resident Johanna Matias.


      The police at Walvis Bay have recorded 25 housebreaking cases – 12 at Kuisebmond, one at Narraville and 12 at Tutaleni – in October and November. There were also six rape attempts with the housebreaking cases, where three women were raped while the other three were unsuccessful.

      Ileni Shapumba, Erongo regional police commander for community affairs, urges community members to save local police stations' numbers, activate neighbourhood watch groups and report any suspicious movement.

      Shapumba says criminals are trying their luck as the festive season is approaching.

      “We are aware of this and are taking their concerns seriously. There are also serious cases of rape at Kuisebmond. We commend people for improving the safety of their homes and encourage others to follow the good example. We have intensified our patrols and other crime-combating efforts,” he says.

      Candidates for the upcoming elections at Walvis Bay agree there is a need for neighbourhood watches all over the town.

      The Popular Democratic Movement candidate in the Walvis Bay Rural constituency, Harold Davids, says neighbourhood watches are needed, but members are not peace officers.

      “They need assistance from the police in the form of training. They also need to be allowed to make arrests. They make a few arrests every week, but there are loopholes in the judicial system, because the same guys are out on bail again. I will advocate for stricter local laws within the confines of bylaws in our local authority,” says Davids.

      Independent Patriots for Change candidate in the Walvis Bay Urban constituency Deriou Benson says WhatsApp groups and neighbourhood watches help prevent crime.

      “We need the presence of people in the streets. We are planning on sensitising community members to work with the police in all areas of Walvis Bay for safety. The pre­sence of people in the streets will make criminals think twice. The police are really trying, but we will sensitise businesses to help us support neighbourhood watches with equipment,” he says.

      Paul Rhode, Landless People's Movement candidate in the Walvis Bay Urban constituency, says if residents do not feel free, everything “collapses”.

      “We will promote more neigbourhood watches and work on having cameras all over town by engaging private companies. It could be costly, but adding maybe five cents to water bills could cover expenses. We also want to make communities aware of emergency numbers and have monthly meetings,” he says.

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