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Muir, Thomas are the top wrestlers

Romeo Goliath (right) in action against Kevin Vleermuis. Photo: Helge Schütz

JORICK Muir of Windhoek Wrestling Club and Andreas Thomas of the After School Centre walked away with the main prizes at the National Wrestling Championships in Windhoek on Saturday.


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Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets

Whizz Young Blood releases Regrets


WINDHOEK artist and poet Seth Eiaseb known as Wizz Young Blood has released a single titled Regret, featuring South African singer and song writer Shakuna.

From The Twittersphere

From The Twittersphere

A NEW day, a new week and, in less than 24 hours, a new month. More than that, the final month of the year 2020. And, for those who celebrate Christmas, yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent... Now for the business of the day...


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      Hatuikulipi implicated over ACC bribe offer

      by Werner Menges

      A WINDHOEK resident who offered to pay a bribe of N$250 000 in a bid to get hold of bank cards seized during the investigation of the Fishrot fishing quotas corruption case says businessman James Hatuikulipi asked him if there was a way to get access to the cards.

      Jason Iyambo (35), who was sentenced to an effective prison term of nine months yesterday, implicated Hatuikulipi in a written statement in which he admitted guilt on a charge of attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice.

      In the statement, which was given to magistrate Ivan Gawanab when Iyambo admitted guilt in the Windhoek Magistrate's Court last week, he said Hatuikulipi asked him if there was a way to get hold of bank cards seized by the Anti-Corruption Commission when he visited Hatuikulipi in jail following his arrest.

      Iyambo also said Hatuikulipi informed him that he needed to pay for things like cattle feed and vaccines needed at his farm and that his bank cards had been taken by the ACC, and then asked him if there was a way to get hold of the cards.

      According to Iyambo, Hatuikulipi – former managing director of Investec Asset Management Namibia and chairperson of the National Fishing Corporation of Namibia's board of directors – asked him to obtain bank cards of a co-accused in the Fishrot case, Pius Mwatelulo, and a handwritten document which had also been seized by the ACC.

      The document which Hatuikulipi wanted was titled 'Total Allocation', Iyambo stated.

      He also said he did not know what Hatuikulipi wanted to do with the bank cards issued to Mwatelulo, and that he could only assume the document which Hatuikulipi wanted was important to him.

      Iyambo, Hatuikulipi and a police reservist, Sakaria Kokule, were jointly charged with counts of bribery and attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice.

      After Iyambo admitted guilt on the second charge, and the state informed the court it would not present any evidence on the first charge against him, his case was separated from that of Hatuikulipi and Kokule.

      At this stage, the trial of Hatuikulipi and Kokule is scheduled to start in the Windhoek Magistrate's Court on 27 July next year.

      Iyambo admitted he offered a bribe of N$250 000 to ACC investigator Junias Iipinge in Windhoek on 20 January this year.

      In his written plea explanation, he also stated that he asked Kokule if the seized bank cards which Hatuikulipi wanted could be obtained, and Kokule told him he would find out from someone employed at the ACC.

      Some time in December last year, Iyambo added, Kokule told him he had consulted an ACC officer about the cards.

      During Iyambo's sentencing yesterday, Gawanab noted that the trend in High Court judgements consulted by him was that people convicted of obstructing the course of justice were sent to prison.

      He said the case in which Iyambo admitted guilt stemmed from a more serious pending matter which has attracted huge public interest. There is a need for the so-called Fishrot case to be successfully investigated and brought to a just end, Gawanab said.

      He sentenced Iyambo to 18 months' imprisonment, of which nine months are suspended for a period of five years on condition that Iyambo is not convicted of defeating or obstructing the course of justice, or of attempting to do so during the period of suspension.

      Iyambo has been in custody since his arrest on 20 January.

      He was represented by defence lawyer Kalundu Kamwi. State advocate Tangeni Iitula represented the prosecution.

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