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Bank Launches Music Bash

King Tee Dee performing at the launch of SB.09.MF. Photo: Rinelda Mouton

THE Standard Bank 09 Music Festival (SB.09.MF), a collaboration between Standard Bank Namibia and Mshasho, was launched in Windhoek on Monday.

I was angry – Betty Davids

Betty Davids

BEATA Siteketa, also known as the socialite Betty Davids, is bent on finding justice for herself over alleged defamatory remarks made by Independent Patriots for Change spokesperson Imms Nashinge, and has registered a charge of crimen injuria with the Namibian Police.

House of Poulton Meets Mixology

FASHION designer and lifestyle enthusiast Melisa Poulton will combine her love of fashion, entertainment and food with the House of Poulton Gin Cocktail Picnic Party set to debut later this month.


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Covid-19 and tax relief measures introduced globally

Image used for illustrative purposes.

THE global response to Covid-19 has been serious, from enforcing personal protection, restricting movement and large gatherings, and even to introducing tax relief on the import and supply of vaccines, test kits and personal protective gear.


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      Ndeitunga warns police against 'unbecoming behaviour'

      by Anna Shinana


      MEMBERS of the Namibian Police will always retain their jobs provided they remain disciplined, loyal and committed to their work.

      Police inspector general Sebastien Ndeitunga made these remarks in response to claims of unfair dismissal by a former officer.

      Tombale Bushihu (38), a former police officer, who was stationed at Grootfontein Police Station and was dismissed from work following allegations of illegal hunting of huntable game as well as being in possession of arms and ammunition, claims he was unfairly treated because both the charges against him had been dropped.

      Bushihu further claimed that disciplinary procedures were not followed, and that the force just dropped him like a “hot potato”.

      “Constable Bushihu was discharged on cases CR21/08/2015, contravening section 27 (2) (3) and section 90 and 250 (1) of Act 51 of 1997 Hunting of Protected game, alternatively read with section 1, section 38 (2) and section 39 of the Arms and ammunition Act. The verdict was that he was acquitted on the charges on ordinance 4/1975, but found guilty on the charges of the possession of arms and ammunitions and he was fined N$10 000, which he paid,” said Ndeitunga.

      Ndeitunga said Bushihu further paid an admission of guilt fine of N$2 000 on the illegal hunting charges after his docket was sent to the control prosecutor who then decided to prosecute or fix an admission of guilt fine of N$2 000.

      “As per procedure, a board of enquiry was held to determine his fitness to remain in the Namibian Police or to retain his rank. Recommendations were made by a competent board after they considered the seriousness of the offence committed by the member, the interest of the force and the public. It was decided that the member be discharged in November 2019,” said Ndeitunga.

      “Any member who engages in any unbecoming behaviour and illegal activities that are contrary to the police mandate will be dealt with in accordance with the law and police regulations,” charged Ndeitunga .

      Bushihu says back in August 2015, he went to the place were he frequently bought meat supplies, on his return home he carried the meat parcel around while visiting friends. However, some of the people who saw him became suspicious and alerted the police claiming that he had illegally hunted an antelope and had kept the meat in the house.

      After searching his home, police further found a gun, which he says belonged to his uncle who is employed with the

      Namibia Defence Force.

      “I didn't get any feedback from the board and if they discharge you from work, one is given a grace period of one month at work. I was just told that I am no longer on the payroll, and these people had seen me at work every day but said nothing.

      I only received my dismissal letter by fax after I enquired about my situation. I appealed with inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga because one is given 14 days to appeal but up to now my appeal has not been attended to. I even personally called Ndeitunga but his response was that I was disturbing him, and that he was not the one that discharged me. His signature was, however, on the dismissal letter,” Bushihu added.

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