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Bank Launches Music Bash

King Tee Dee performing at the launch of SB.09.MF. Photo: Rinelda Mouton

THE Standard Bank 09 Music Festival (SB.09.MF), a collaboration between Standard Bank Namibia and Mshasho, was launched in Windhoek on Monday.

I was angry – Betty Davids

Betty Davids

BEATA Siteketa, also known as the socialite Betty Davids, is bent on finding justice for herself over alleged defamatory remarks made by Independent Patriots for Change spokesperson Imms Nashinge, and has registered a charge of crimen injuria with the Namibian Police.

House of Poulton Meets Mixology

FASHION designer and lifestyle enthusiast Melisa Poulton will combine her love of fashion, entertainment and food with the House of Poulton Gin Cocktail Picnic Party set to debut later this month.


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Covid-19 and tax relief measures introduced globally

Image used for illustrative purposes.

THE global response to Covid-19 has been serious, from enforcing personal protection, restricting movement and large gatherings, and even to introducing tax relief on the import and supply of vaccines, test kits and personal protective gear.


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      Nujoma alive and well – Namibian presidency

      by Shelleygan Petersen


      The Office of the President says the 91-year-old founding president Sam Nujoma is in good health and condemns allegations claiming otherwise.

      In a press statement issued this afternoon, press secretary Alfredo Hengari labelled claims about Nujoma's death “baseless and unwarranted”, saying it was an attack on the integrity of the former president that was started by malicious individuals peddling fake news.

      “The undesirable speculation about the health of the founding president is lamentable and should cease forthwith,” he said.

      Nujoma was diagnosed with Covid-19 on 6 December last year, but soon recovered. At that time, he had minor symptoms, which were reported to have subsided.

      Hengari urged Namibians to desist from relying on misinformation, saying it created undue panic within the country.

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