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Bank Launches Music Bash

King Tee Dee performing at the launch of SB.09.MF. Photo: Rinelda Mouton

THE Standard Bank 09 Music Festival (SB.09.MF), a collaboration between Standard Bank Namibia and Mshasho, was launched in Windhoek on Monday.

I was angry – Betty Davids

Betty Davids

BEATA Siteketa, also known as the socialite Betty Davids, is bent on finding justice for herself over alleged defamatory remarks made by Independent Patriots for Change spokesperson Imms Nashinge, and has registered a charge of crimen injuria with the Namibian Police.

House of Poulton Meets Mixology

FASHION designer and lifestyle enthusiast Melisa Poulton will combine her love of fashion, entertainment and food with the House of Poulton Gin Cocktail Picnic Party set to debut later this month.


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Covid-19 and tax relief measures introduced globally

Image used for illustrative purposes.

THE global response to Covid-19 has been serious, from enforcing personal protection, restricting movement and large gatherings, and even to introducing tax relief on the import and supply of vaccines, test kits and personal protective gear.


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      From The Twittersphere

      @alguepardo: In Ragnarok, they put Cate Blanchett in this outfit and they expected us to root for... Thor? HAHAHAHAHAHA

      MEALS and deals, robbers and lobbers, the naked and the sacred… seems like February is lurching around like an inebriated curfew-breaking clubber. Here, there and here again. All the while, whyling in the word zone…

      @Kelagroup_: The post: “I'm selling this thing for N$200. Get it now for N$200. Limited price of N$200 only.” Comment section: “How much?”

      @Gershforthewin: How do you people sleep naked? Are you not scared that robbers will come in the middle of the night and bodyshame you?!

      @unclevuzi: Please don't talk to me for longer than five minutes at Grove. Every minute counts because of the curfew…

      @2leepurplefairy: Next time I fly, I'll even listen to the safety instructions like it's my first time…

      @dme__363: Never settle for less unless it's less stress.

      At Random

      @iyambo_selma: When you're dating someone, you need to communicate. Please learn to communicate, gents. I care about the little details. How do you go mute for three days and then you call me on the fourth day saying you are driving from Otjiwarongo? How did you end up there in the first place? The last time I spoke to you, you were in Windhoek.

      @anne_hambuda: No man, guys. Every day basic terms and concepts are being explained to men like they are children. SMH. They know these things already and don't care.

      @MsKelao21: I understand friends, fans and family choosing to focus on good memories but I think other people are allowed to speak ill of the dead if “ill” is what the dead were busy with when they were alive. This is real life, not a romantic movie filled with pink roses and butterflies.

      You Know!

      @OneBigDealer: I act like I'm OK but deep down I need the E 63 S Sedan and an M5 Competition at the same damn time.


      @Lady__Shallot: I want a warm hearty homey meal. At 8 in the morning, but I want it. I'm talking rice, potatoes, chicken curry, nice soup, maybe even sweet potatoes or butternut. I just want, man.

      @Drinkin_Winez: If you run out of cash after you've paid all your bills and taken care of your home ... you're not broke, you are responsible… Good job!

      @Imioly: I hope you guys try to actually listen to the chakra huns sometimes coz these huns know something we don't.

      @jay_aeron: If your intention is not pure... just bounce, babes

      Press Pause

      @GogontlejangP: Unemployment has various phases. There's a phase of looking for jobs you want, then looking for jobs you can get, then hiding your qualifications so that you can get any job. Then there's being too broke to apply for jobs. Be kinder to job seekers and never fall short on helping out.

      Passing Shots

      @KetuBoi: We should get a 'Slap a Politician' day on our calendar.

      @KingAlbii19: So, Kanye and Kim are getting a divorce. How do they tell North that things are going South?

      @stillwaybeline: Someone commented “Jesus is coming soon” on my TikTok and I almost commented back “ETA?” But I'm really trying to be a better person…

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