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Bank Launches Music Bash

King Tee Dee performing at the launch of SB.09.MF. Photo: Rinelda Mouton

THE Standard Bank 09 Music Festival (SB.09.MF), a collaboration between Standard Bank Namibia and Mshasho, was launched in Windhoek on Monday.

I was angry – Betty Davids

Betty Davids

BEATA Siteketa, also known as the socialite Betty Davids, is bent on finding justice for herself over alleged defamatory remarks made by Independent Patriots for Change spokesperson Imms Nashinge, and has registered a charge of crimen injuria with the Namibian Police.

House of Poulton Meets Mixology

FASHION designer and lifestyle enthusiast Melisa Poulton will combine her love of fashion, entertainment and food with the House of Poulton Gin Cocktail Picnic Party set to debut later this month.


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Covid-19 and tax relief measures introduced globally

Image used for illustrative purposes.

THE global response to Covid-19 has been serious, from enforcing personal protection, restricting movement and large gatherings, and even to introducing tax relief on the import and supply of vaccines, test kits and personal protective gear.


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      All SMSes for 2021-02-23

      SMS of the Day

      ONE of the best ways to fight corruption in the country is for the trade unions to be independent from any political party. In this way the union members can sound the alarm and hold the leaders accountable. Our mass organisations should all be independent. It is crucial for a democratic culture.

      Food for Thought

      WHY would anyone want to stop corruption if they are part of it and are benefitting from it?

      Bouquets and Brickbats

      THE pre-allocation of land for housing in Windhoek is a step in the right direction. But without financing, building decent houses will not happen. We urgently need a housing bank that is not for profit, to provide loans for productive activities such as housing construction and maintenance.

      NAMIBIA Land of the Brave? Sakeus Shanghala'sapplied from the state (taxpayers' money again) and poor Namibians cannot get help/representation. Have we lost it already? Can efficient people please come to our rescue?

      IT is time for the public enterprises ministry to carefully look into governance and performance of all state-owned enterprises, because most of them are only milking the government. They are mismanaged.

      A WEALTH tax could be used for job creation and to get economic development for all Namibians. The economic destruction that we already have is partly due to social inequality. Tax the rich!

      Air Namibia

      THE previous Air Namibia board of directors knowingly signed an agreement to pay Challenge Air certain contested monies and promptly resigned en masse in an orchestrated move. They then left Air Namibia with a legally binding payment schedule knowing full well that the money for such payments is not available. Surely the government has no choice but to take legal action against these directors?

      WHAT is missing from the discussions on Air Namibia is that the government got an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan recently. One of the conditions for getting the loan was widespread privatisation of state-owned assets. Is this the main reason why government allowed Air Namibia to go under? It should be a warning to workers at other state-owned enterprises, especially the profitable ones.


      OPPOSITION parties must learn to be proactive. If they had better options and proposals to stop the liquidation of Air Namibia, why were they silent all this time? The government announced its plans in February 2020 at the president's state of the nation address. No opposition party was concerned and they only took the parliamentary stand to attack the president. Let's take national issues seriously and address them as one group.

      BERNADUS Swartbooi, leader of the Landless People's Movement (LPM), your local authority councillors at Karasburg are waiting for induction training to do something for the community.

      City of Windhoek

      CITY of Windhoek, stop wasting money on beautifying pavements with stones, and rather repair roads like Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe and Indepenence Ave. Stop tarring only roads in Eros.

      IN 2019, the municipality requested members of the public who applied for land to update contact details. We applied in 2006 and at that time my income was N$1 500. By the time of the update it was N$7 000. The municipality doesn't want to update our income. Why? What's the purpose of updating our details and not our income?

      CITY of Windhoek, can you please tell us why we have to pay for water that we did not use? We are new in Greenwell but are paying for water from a tap which does not exist.

      MAYOR of Windhoek Job Amupanda, do you know how many people sleep at the museum's yard between the Dutch Reformed church and public library?


      THE truth about Grade 11 being the school exit level is simple. Government wants fewer pupils to take care of as its coffers have been looted since independence and as reported daily, people are continuing to enrich themselves with government resources at the expense of the broader Namibian nation and now the youth must suffer.

      ONE of the biggest risks facing our country is our deplorably low standards of education. Overnight the government lowers the standards even further. Our country has no prospect of a better future under our current leaders.

      Law and Order

      DRIVER of a white Toyota Corolla with a Namibia Sports Commission emblem, you nearly caused catastrophic accidents at three different places between Arandis and Usakos. And again between Usakos and Karibib on Sunday between 14h30 and 15h00. You grossly traumatised other road users.

      GENERAL Sebastian Ndeitunga, go and see for yourself or send someone to Omaruru. There is no curfew at all, the bars are open till the wee hours of the morning. People are roaming the streets without masks. Bars are open on Sundays. All police officers in the town must be transferred as they are not doing their work.

      ANY democratic society can only welcome a cheaper divorce process. This is about liberating women from being trapped in toxic marriages. After all, Namibia is a secular country that should empower everyone.


      I FAIL to understand how companies like Namdeb, Namport, and fishing companies don't recruit from their own regions in the south. They know the unemployment rate is high but they choose to rather recruit from a different region. We all deserve to be hired.

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