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BhuQaid's passport to happiness

BhuQaid Shevanna offers you a passport to happiness with his new album, 'Passengers and Passports'

• Pinehas Nakaziko

THE Ongwediva-based musician BhuQaid Shevanna continues to make his mark in the industry, and has now added the album 'Passengers and Passports' to his name.

From The Twittersphere

@ambernoelle: I hate to tell you this but I think 2021 is three 2020s in a trench coat.

TWEEPS get down with an array of issues, from Covid to winter to ghosts and bras. In no particular order. Nonetheless, Covid remains the order of the day…


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      All SMSes for 2021-06-10

      SMS of the Day

      THE government must budget for another state hospital in Windhoek. The population in the city has increased and the current hospitals are overcrowded.

      Food for Thought

      ALL those people complaining bitterly about their towns' municipal services, ask yourselves why you voted for them in the last elections? You chose to blindly support your political parties knowing that they had already failed you countrywide, and now they are failing you once more. Organise yourselves and get them out, or get them to do their job. The power is in your hands.

      Bouquets and Brickbats

      THANK you Roman Grynberg for the important article on Shark Island. It is unbelievable that after 30 years of political independence we have not given that place as well as the one at Swakopmund the necessary respect. It is now time to properly remember the thousands of compatriots murdered and tortured there by the colonisers. We should never forget. Memory is a weapon.

      CONGRATULATIONS to the Botswana government, which applies a policy of shoot to kill. The Namibian government should follow that policy as they are to be blamed for poachers killing off Namibia's biggest tourist attractions – the rhino, lion, elephant, etc. If criminals don't not stop poaching, Covid-19 will become a minor reason for tourists not visiting Namibia. If there are no rhinos, lions and elephants to see, there will be no tourists coming. Do people understand this?

      City of Windhoek

      JOB Amupanda and the minister of urban and rural development want to introduce a levy on building materials to fund the Windhoek housing project? This must be the joke of the millennium. Get the funds from our diamonds, uranium, copper, fish and, or use the dividends that SOEs pay to the state to fund the Windhoek housing project. The government must in fact cut our income taxes. Amupanda, in your manifesto, you promised to reduce rates and taxes by 12% on Windhoek properties. What happened? We cannot fund your empty promises.

      JOB Amupanda, whose idea was it to block residents, with arrear accounts, from purchasing electricity? Surely you must know this is unlawful?

      MAYOR of Windhoek inspect your departments. There is corruption around plots for residents. Councillors are corrupt too. Look into this matter where people are being moved around.


      SANET Steenkamp, due to high Covid-19 cases, consider the option of changing the school calendar to two terms only. Get rid of August holidays and expand the winter term to start at the beginning of May to mid June. Please apply new norms in the education space.

      I DROPPED my daughter off in front of Grootfontein Secondary School and went to work. When I came back to fetch her at 13h00 there was no daughter waiting. She had been sent home earlier because she was wearing white socks. I was not even informed my child had been sent home where there was no one. You do have the contact details of all the parents. This is a crime waiting to happen. If anything happened to my child, would the principal take responsibility for it? I left her in your care and you neglected to inform me that she was not with you anymore.


      COVID-19 regulations in Omaheke. I visited a certain school at Gobabis and to my shock, teachers sit in offices with no masks, the pupils are all over each other without masks and not following the prescribed social distance regulation. How? Is that not a reason for the school to be closed?


      WHAT are the people in Hardap region doing about those staying home from work just to drink? Government employees in Gibeon, Kriess and Amperbo go absent from work without filling in leave forms.

      FELLOW Namibians, have we now reached the stage where we say only Namas must be employed in Hardap and //Kharas regions?


      CAN we have sport commissioners who understand sport across the board before making nonsensical decisions. How can table tennis (doubles) and tennis (doubles) be classified as a contact sport?


      NBC Omurari FM is at it again! Between 10h00 and 11h00, an old programme was repeated.

      From the Regions

      ONLY two months to go to celebrate 26 August 1966 at Onghulumbashe, 55 years after ex-combatants started the fight for Namibia's independence. My question is until when we are driving in the dust to celebrate 26 August from Tsandi constituency, Omusati region? When prominent ex-combatants died they made the road smooth for people coming to the funeral to drive comfortably and not feel the bad conditions of the road we use. We feel left out in Namibia.

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