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Women's retreat empowers


THE Twapewa Kadhikwa Annual Women's Retreat weekend, which aimed to activate the faith of women, as well as renew their mindsets for a more productive and prosperous future, will be remembered by those who attended as a life changer.

'Ompata' Headed to Big Screen

THE gritty reality of township life is often overlooked or ignored, but young film-maker Roger Rafael has found a way to creatively tell these stories through a YouTube series titled 'Ompata'.


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Average house prices edge up


AT the end of March this year, the average price of a house in Namibia was N$1,2 million – about N$100 000 more than during the same time last year.

Namibians show interest in US trade

Elijah Mukubonda

SEVERAL Namibian entrepreneurs have shown interest in pursuing business opportunities in the United States after making contacts at the Namibia-US trade summit held in Namibia early this month.


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      All SMSes for 2022-06-24

      Food for Thought

      NO one deserves to die in an unhappy marriage because he/she can't afford divorce, but please Yvonne Dausab, let's also take into consideration the fact that if our women are not safe when ending their relationships, how will they be able to divorce their husbands? We must still be cautious and vigilant when handling the issue of divorce.

      Bouquets and Brickbats

      TO live 82 years without a toilet at Rundu's Ndama resettlement is so sad. Surely this shows that we have been failed by the people we trusted to liberate us from poor service delivery. It's high time the town council realises that Ndama is a big location, representing a large percentage of the town's population, who are voters and taxpayers.

      THE Namibian winter is here. Please let's take the necessary precautions by dressing warmly and drinking hot lemon water two to three times a day. Also apply menthol rub on the soles of the feet, around the throat and on the chest.

      ROADS Authority (RA), we are confused by your tendering and award processes. Please explain to the rest of us why you keep on awarding tenders to the same people for the last 20 years. The same people sitting in positions of awarding tenders for many years became a great concern as tenders now only benefit certain individuals over and over. Remember, the RA is a public asset, give others also a chance to generate an income and contribute to building our country. We are really tired of seeing the same people getting tenders from the RA. This is not how to move our country forward. Please be inclusive with your tender awards.

      Divorce Law

      PEOPLE make choices to get married, and should be allowed to choose to leave an unhappy marriage. They shouldn't be forced to stay in a marriage because they can't afford to divorce. The minister's proposal is a good one, we have people stuck in marriages that ended 10 years ago, but due to not having funds they are still legally married, though they live separately.

      THANKS to the minister of justice for the plans to amend the divorce law. One reason why many women have resorted to revival churches is because they are stuck in marriages that are not working anymore, and they can't afford to divorce.

      AMENDING the divorce law is probably one of the best parliamentary bills proposed this century! I was scared to divorce, due to the huge costs involved, but I will be the first to get my divorce application form, and I will fill it while I'm cooking in the kitchen.

      PEOPLE should honour their marriages because they understand the importance of their vows and what God has commanded regarding marriage. How about encouraging people to get married for the right reasons, when they're really ready? Affordable divorce will never mend the hearts of the children who are left in confusion when their parents live separately.

      Swapo Party

      THE Swapo think tank should be called 'sunk tank'. How can they possibly suggest that growth be controlled by the private sector? Who is in the government? If the government cannot run, why not outsource the entire governance to the private sector? We are doomed!

      KATRINA Hanse-Himarwa, do you think we need politicians with so little insight to serve us? “Even though I was convicted, there is nothing in me that says I did something wrong.” Why do you think you were convicted?


      n KENNEDY Kandume of NSFAF should please release the first portion of funds for third and fourth year IUM students. We have debt and our landlords are running out of patience. We have research proposals and projects to work on too.

      MINISTER of education, please get rid of the so-called Teaching Service Committee. It is an obstacle to quality educational service delivery in Namibia. Why should posts take two years to be filled after interviews? In other ministries, it only takes three months. Learn from the best.

      AS, a concerned parent, I am so disappointed that Onawa Secondary School publicly shames our children during the 'up-stage and down-stage' session in which those who fail to upstage, will be shamed. It doesn't mean that if a child fails that they deserve such humiliation

      From the Regions

      THE Karasburg magistrate treats state witnesses like accused persons in court. No wonder the state keeps losing cases.

      DEAR Hilde's Women and Youth Empowerment Organisation, we love the 'Say No to Teenage Motherhood' campaign you are conducting. And with the recently revealed high teenage pregnancy statistics in the Ohangwena region, we need your organisation in our region too.

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